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The Diagnostic Mutation Database (DMuDB) is a secure repository of clinical quality variant data collected from diagnostic genetics laboratories. Access to DMuDB is available by annual laboratory subscription, and must be for diagnostic purposes only. See the Acceptable Use Policy for details.

DMuDB is accessed through this secure website, the data can also be accessed through a graphical browser, which is the preferred method for viewing data and also allows access to other mutation databases.

Subscribe to DMuDB

Annual subscription to DMuDB can be purchased through EMQN (www.emqn.org). DMuDB subscription can be found in the EMQN schemes catalogue (www.emqn.org/emqn/Schemes) and selected for purchase there. All subscribers must agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the Acceptable Use Policy.

Subscription is for 12 months and provides access for multiple users in a single laboratory. Subscription is currently charged at €275 / 242 per laboratory.

Non-diagnostic use of DMuDB data

Access to DMuDB is not permitted for any purpose other than the investigation and interpretation of patient results in order to provide a diagnosis. Researchers or healthcare professionals wishing to query the database and obtain data that may be held there should contact us with their request, which will be passed on to laboratories that have submitted relevant data. It may be possible for data to be shared for research and other non-diagnostic purposes but this must be done with express permission of the submitting laboratory and with data transfer agreements in place. An enquiry form is available to facilitate this process.

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